As the South African business landscape and the regulations governing it continue to morph and shift, so too do the players that are able to successfully thrive and compete in this challenging arena. By the wayside have fallen companies that have not been able to develop innovative strategies for existence, future growth and exacting compliance.


Royal Fortress Holding (Pty) Ltd is one of a new breed of companies that have emerged from the experiences of years past with a thorough understanding that indeed capacity matters, indeed vision matters and indeed an empowerment model, that not only benefits a few but rather one that is sustainable ensuring long-term competitiveness with far-reaching and decisive impact, matters.


Formed in 2013, the company’s relentless quest to bring to the force a company with no only a vision but also the capacity to implement that vision, has created a partnership that stands head and shoulders above the rest. The company is driven by a common purpose and a singular vision to make a significant impact on the South African business landscape driving to realization the South African imperative of sustainable broad based black economic empowerment. This affiliation is premised not on best practice but leading practice through a model envisioned to set standard for those set to follow.