Empowerment Matters

Royal Fortress is a 100% holding company wholly owned and controlled by a black man. It is comprised of leading and recognized practitioner pooling his skills, expertise, qualifications and outstanding career experiences to deliver to any project unambiguous capacity founded on an understanding of the need for the delivery of the imperatives of transformation. The company has its unshakeable values; integrity, honesty, and reliability, equality and excellence of product and processes.

Strategic Investments mainly focused on pharmaceuticals are recognized as a key driver to ensuring that the journey towards self-reliance is realized and this journey is one that, of necessity, must be characterized by success.

Capacity Matters

While empowerment remains a strategic imperative in conducting business in South Africa, the ability to define and attain new frontiers through operational excellence remains a key business requirement. Royal Fortress Holdings boasts a leadership corps with proven expertise in diverse fields including strategic and senior level experience in the financial services, corporate financing, the public service and community development.

This experience which shall undoubtedly stand Royal Fortress in good stead in its pursuit of acquisition and operation of business interests. The company is intent on positioning itself, through its thorough understanding of the drivers of the business sector, to generate value to shareholders, focus on the core business and unlock any future value trapped in any discovered and inherited structures. With its expertise in warehouse management, a monthly revolving credit of which can be increased should the need arise and a lead time of two weeks from receipt of any order, the company has become a success story in the industry in which it operates.

The composition of the management team is reflective of the value that the company aspires to, being equity, diversity, ability and sustained success. Further, the recognition and pursuit of excellence underpinned by a belief that there is no pleasure and aspiration in mediocrity has catapulted our management team to commanding heights in the field of endeavor. To become a strategic partner of choice, Royal Fortress was founded by the following professional: